Autumn-Blue Ridge Mtn Foothills

Is it any wonder that one of the most popular and inexpensive getaways for Greenville area locals is to head up to the mountains to take in the stunning fall foliage in the foothills.  Located in the Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains Greenville is near to this magnificent playground which thousands of people visit  all year around.  Whether you choose to kayak, hike, go tubing or white water rafting you are surrounded by majestic scenic views.  The true beauty of the Foothills comes alive from mid-end October when dogwoods, oaks, hickories, sourwoods and maples all burst into spectacular color and can be viewed from the many mountainside outlooks.

If you’re planning to visit the Greenville area in October be sure to make the drive up Hwy 276 which is a twisty, but beautiful forest ride to the Blue Ridge Parkway.  You can stop at Caesars Head State Park for a great SW view.  There are also lots of roadside or near-roadside opportunities for waterfalls and short hikes.