insulation-panelsSo the weather forecast for this weekend (Nov 18/19, 2016) was calling for 25mph winds on Saturday, and 30mph winds on Sunday with temps going down to the low 30s at night.

Our garage and utility room which you enter into from the garage are not insulated.  On the few days of bitter cold that we experience here during the winter I freeze while folding clothes in the utility room.  Also, we now have not only 2 inside cats but also 2 outside cats who get fed in our garage and sleep in it at night.  In years past our garage has gotten down as low as 27° so I invested in these insulation panels which I ordered through  

These come 8 panels to a package so I ordered two packages to install on our 16 panel double car garage door.  Talk about easy to do.  Wow!  It only took us 2 hrs to install and the majority of that time was spent measuring and cutting each board.  Our interior door panels measured out at 43 1/4 inches so we cut 8 panels to that measurement.  The end panels (total 8) measured out at 46 inches.  Then we needed to cut 2.5 inches of panel to jam into the metal sides of the garage door.  I think we need 12 of those pieces.

Here is my husband measuring and cutting the panels.  NOTE:  be sure to cut these panels outside because when you pull them out of the box they are covered top to bottom in very small polystyrene balls and will make a mess if you cut them inside your garage or home.


That remaining piece you cut off is the piece you will use to cut the 2.5 inch wide piece that you need to insert into the open gapes of metal on garage door before you slide the panels into place.  The instructions that come with these panels are excellent!  Just be sure to insert the upper part of the panels into place first and then work the sides and bottom edges in.

Another NOTE:  you will need to loosen all the screws on this bar which runs horizontally across the the panels in the middle of your garage door.  It will make it easier to install the styrofoam panels cause you want to try to not bend or break them.      tn_bar-to-loosen

Here is the garage door in process and then the completed look


We put a thermometer in the garage so we could determine if these panels were worth our labor.  At 9pm the thermometer read 42°, at 10:30pm 45° and at 7:30am still 45°.  YES!!!  The garage stayed warmer than it was outside last night (33°).  Tonight will be another test because temp is supposed to drop to 29°  Brrrr.

Update:  Sunday 11/20/16 temp at 9pm read 43°, next morning at 7:30am 47°   We feel confident that these insulation panels will not only keep our garage and utility room a bit warmer in the winter, but with a bit of luck we won’t need to gasp for air when we go from utility room into garage during the hot summer months.

Update:  Friday 12/9/16 8:40pm temp outside 29°- in garage  34°, next morning at 8:45am outside temp 23°- in garage 44°!!  I believe this was money well spent on the garage door insulation panels!