Increase Your Home Value For Summer Sale

If you are planning to sell your home this summer, you don’t need a huge budget in order to get your home market ready.   Here are some helpful tips to help you get it looking great with little effort, and not too much cash.

1.  Paint:  A splash of color is an easy way to warm up the interior space, make it look more updated, and banish fingerprints and stains. Use a soft neutral color for a modern look.

2.  Address Your Front Door:  A fresh coat of paint on your front door is a quick fix that pops with potential.  Using a bright color will differentiate your home from others and make it shine from the street.   If  your door is very old and weathered, replacing it with a new steel door has been shown to return between 75% and 100%+ of your investment

3.  Quick Curb Appeal:  Poor curb appeal can keep potential buyers from even coming inside.  You can make the front of your home look great.  Put down a new layer of mulch, pull noticeable weeds, give the lawn a quick mow, and plant flowers.  If you can’t plant, put a few pots near the front door— these little touches can make all the difference.

4.  New Appliances:  Even if the rest of your kitchen needs work, new stainless steel appliances can tempt buyers.

5. Quick and Easy Bathroom Updates:  If you don’t want to purchase a new vanity, paint the one you have.  Purchasing new hardware, fixtures and lighting will make a tired bathroom look fresh again.  Little things like a new fluffy set of towels, nice bath mats and a modern shower curtain all add to creating a clean appearance.

Look at the difference a change in color made to my vanity.  A pop of color goes a long way!

White Vanity

Vanity Gray April 2016 (600x338)

6.  Window Coverings:  Natural light is high on almost every buyer’s must-have list.  Consider taking down any old heavy draperies, and purchase inexpensive light weight curtains that allow the sun light to stream in.  Oh and be sure to wash your windows.

7.  Clean Like You’ve Never Cleaned Before:    Declutter and pare down your furniture to create inviting seating areas. This will allow buyers to see the space instead of your stuff (or your mess).