The articles about mortgage fraud have been non-stop during the last couple of years. As a Realtor®, I always advise my clients to call the escrow agent (attorney, title company) to verify that they did in fact send you an email requesting x amount of funds to be wired to their account. Just because the email appears to have come from your escrow agent does not mean that it actually did. You certainly don’t want to be the one who wired thousands of dollars into an account of some unknown person located who knows where. Always do your due diligence when it comes to protecting your hard earned money.

So what can be worse than losing thousands of dollars you saved to purchase a house being stolen from you? Having your home stolen right out from under your feet without your knowledge! Yes, Title Fraud is now sweeping the nation at a record pace. I know, OMG! Nowadays all your mortgage and tile information is available online which makes it very easy for unscrupulous folks to take your information, forge a new deed, re-record that information at the county office and those thieves now have clear access to take out loans against your property. Can you imagine this? You have no knowledge this has taken place until the debt collectors start hounding you for payment on loans you didn’t even know were in existence, but have your signature affixed to them. Which means you have now been set up for foreclosure due to lack of payment. This is a nightmare none of us deserve to be subjected to. That is why I am now suggesting that all home owners contact Home Title Lock  to protect yourself and the equity you have in your home.